CLAW - Creatives Series

The special part about being a creative is the different processes we all go through to bring a vision to life, this series of interviews will be a deep dive into local and international artists and their experiences. From their first inspirations to their first creations, learn why they decided to pursue work in their chosen fields.

By sharing we hope to inspire a new generation of creators and perhaps bridge the gap in knowledge of these professions. By coming together perhaps we can help others and support them in their creative struggles.

Stay tuned as we start to collect stories and photos to show you what it takes to create…

Welcome to a place to work, create and inspire

My name is Clara and I am the director of CLAW Creative Studios. Acquiring this studio was a dream and passion spurred on by my commitment to highlighting the work of creatives locally and internationally.

I, myself specialise as a jeweller. Educated at Melbourne Polytechnic in Fairfield, after that I re-branded my hobby business Victoria’s Kingdom into a full time job.

For me CLAW Creative Studios is a very special place, it is where I interned with Shabana Jacobson and learned how to become a jeweller in Victoria. It is also how I came to take over this beautiful space.

With some renovations this has now become a creative hub, utilising the common area and jewellers workshop for day and night short courses. Helping to educate and inspire whoever walks through the doors.

And for those who are studio residents, it is a place of work and collaboration.

With regular events on the horizon to help Melbourne Creatives showcase, meet and sell their work. I want this place to be a beacon for the creative community and bridge between education and the real world of self run businesses.