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Here’s a list of our artists in residence at CLAW Creative Studios

Clara Carija, CLAW Creative Director

Clara Carija, CLAW Creative Director

clara carija

#Jeweller #FashionDesigner #Blogger #VoiceActor #PodcastHost #Mother

Hello, my name is Clara and I am the Director of this Co-located Artist Workshop a.k.a CLAW.
I am a jeweller by trade, with a background knowledge of fashion design, retail sales, marketing and social media.
As well as that, I am a full time Mother of 2, so I understand how little space or time people may have to themselves. Particularly if you're in a share house and need a place that's quiet, tidy and conducive to creativity. CLAW is my creative escape, and I want to make it yours too.
In my spare time I like to support creatives all around the world. By interviewing them about their work, I shed a light on their profession as well as promoting them on social media through my blog.
I want to make this studio a beacon for social creativity.